Patel Plastic Machinery Mfrs.

Surgical Plastic Product Injection Moulding Machine

Machine Features

Geometrically Design Of The Screw For High Plasticizing Capacities.
Gas Nitrided Screw/Barrel For Long Life.
Swivel Injection Unit For Easy Screw Polling.
Cold Start Screw Protection.
Drooling Prevention.
Heater Disconnection Alarm.
Suck Back Function Before /After Refilling Or Both.
Multi Stage Injection With Variable Pressure And Flow.
Linear Position Transducer For Real Position Read Out And Accurate Control.
Pid Temperature Control With High Accuracy.
Automatic Purging.
Compact and simple design.
Large heat exchanger with copper tubing’s for better control on oil temperature.
Easy access to hydraulic elements for ease in maintenance.
Hydraulic oil overheating shut down & alarm.
Low Oil level alarm and motor shut down.
Continuous oil filtration with 10 micron filter.
Valves locketed near for rapid response.
Oil Temperature Indicator.
Power Saving Hydraulic Circuit.
Hydraulic Valve on/off indicator.
Robust Five Point Double toggle locking system.
S.G.Iron Casted toggle, Brackets and links with hardened pin.
Adjustable Proportional speed control with 5 stage closing and opening.
Self Lubricated Bush for long life of Toggle.
Motorized mould height adjustment and auto tonnage for quick mould change.
Arrangement with low pressure mould safety to avoid damage to the expensive moulds.
Electrical and hydraulic (Dump valve) Interlock safety gate.
Skates of moving platen for tie pad chrome life.
Hydraulic Ejector with multi stroke.
High tensile & hard chrome plated tie rods of larger diameters.
Automatic grease lubrication.
PLC controlled with Ten Inches Display & others are available in throughout 'PATEL PLASTIC' Machines. Customer has to Indicate the type of machine operation required.
Mould Memory.
Data logging & analysis.
Memory for last 50 interlocks.
Hour production for last 24 hours.
Auto heat on.
Password Protection.
Ejecting Hold/Multiple Ejecting/Oscillatory Ejecting.
Liner transducer for ejector position.
Intermediate retract set point.
Multi Stage Programmable Ejector Forword for Soft Ejecting.

Special purpose screw barrel. Water manifold.
Bimetallic screw barrel. Water battery with temperature indicator.
Insulated heater. Air jet unit.
Part drop detector for single Cavity. Feed throat temperature control.
T –slot platens. Ejector knock-out bar.
Jam bar. Hydraulic and pneumatic core pulling device.
Robot interface.    

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